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Karel Mus


Stratem 8
9880 Aalter (Oost-Vlaanderen)
Tel: +3293752145
Gsm: +32475345612



“Karel Mus is a Belgian artist born in Bruges, living in Aalter. He is an engineer and still owner of the companies Technolec bv and De e-Handel bv. Although he is a self-taught photographer for a long time, he only started showing his work to a bigger public in 2015, after he also graduated as a professional photographer. That was the point for him to start exhibit his work too.

He became quickly successful and in a short time he won several awards and participated to several exhibitions. He organizes exhibitions too.

E.g. : member of 2015, European Photographer Qualification 2015, Pop-up Galerij Aalter 2015, Award European Photographer of the year in Santa Maria da Feira Portugal in the category landscape 2016, Kunstzinnig Aalter 2016, Hand On Festival Brugge 2016, Bourbon Lancy Frankrijk 2016, Pop-up Galerij Aalter 2016, Fotografie Circuit 2016-2017, Award European Photographer of the year in Catania Sicilië in the category Wildlife 2017, Lens op de Mens 2017, Pop-up Galerij 2017, Selection for the World Photografic Cup 2018 in the category Landscape, several Epson Pano awards in 2017, Top award for Landscape photographer of the year 2018, Finalist and several awards in the category European Landscape Photographer of the year 2018 FEP, ...

In June 2019 he became a Qualified European Photographer awarded by the Federation of European Professional Photographers in the category Fine Art Landscapes. ”

In November 2019, Karel Mus was again selected to be part of Team Belgium for the World Photographic Cup 2020 in Rome.

In April 2020 he has been awarded with the Landscape Bronze Camera in the Professional Photographer of the Year competition organized by The Federation of European Photographers.

In 2021 serveral exhibtion are scheduled. During May he will be part of the exhibition "Unknown Masterpieces" in Knokke-Heist.

His Motto : "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." - Katharine Hepburn


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