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The Importance of Personal Projects in Your Photography Career with Joao Carlos

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Join Joao Carlos for a discussion on how personal photography projects help you grow as both a photographer & artist, as well as keep you inspired and driven throughout your career. You'll learn how pursuing your own work allows you to evolve & develop your own voice separate from purely meeting the needs of your clients.

Find out how to discover if an idea is worth pursuing? How you can make concepts and moodboards and why you should work together with other people? When and how you can end a personal project? And best of all how it can generate a lot of different work?



Born in New York to Portuguese parents, João is a fashion, advertising and fine art photographer and director working between New York and Lisbon. 

Although he expressed an interest in having a “real” camera at the age of five, João’s artistic explorations began with painting and fine arts which later led him to study at Ar.Co Institute of Art and Visual Communication in Lisbon, Portugal.

Since then, João Carlos has become an established name within the industry working for advertising agencies, magazines, fashion apparel and beauty companies all over the world. 

He has shot for publications such as Forbes, Umbigo and UP Magazine and has worked with brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Hola Beachwear, Infiniti group Nissan, Tag Heuer, Franck Muller, LG and Barclays.

With a strong technical background, he creates wonderful imagery and video with a great variety of styles, as well as clean commercial images and portrait photography revealing the attitudes and feelings of his models. 


Live Datum: 15 maart 2021 van 20u00 tot 21u30

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